Jake Toman Member of the Month

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 16:34

Jake Toman January Member of the Month January 2022

Jake is preparing to go into the military. During his preparation, he has gained muscle and found a love for lifting heavy. 


Lacon Fitness and Tan: When did you start your fitness journey?

Jake: March 2020


LFT: What motivated you to get started? 

Jake: I was tired of being scrawny


LFT: Were there any reservations about getting started? Anything that held you back?

Jake: Time and money constraints were my biggest concerns


LFT: Have your goals changed since you started working out

Jake: no

LFT: What has been your greatest fitness achievement(s)?

Jake: Hitting 225lbs on the bench


LFT: What has been your biggest struggle/challenge?

Jake: Running


LFT: What is your favorite thing about your workouts?

Jake: The feeling after finishing a heavy set


LFT: What can you do now that you weren't able to do when you started?

Jake: Lift heavy weight


LFT: What are some of the benefits both physically and mentally that you gained since working out?

Jake: I have more stamina


LFT: Cardio vs. Strength, which is your favorite?

Jake: Strength


LFT: What is your favorite exercise?

Jake: Bench


LFT: What is your least favorite exercise?

Jake: Bulgarian Prisoner Squat


LFT: When you aren’t working or at the gym, what do you like to do for fun?


LFT: How do you balance school, friends, work, and working out? 

Jake: I find ways to exercise for at least an hour most days


LFT: What has motivated you to stick with your exercise routine for as long as you have?

Jake: My goal of becoming a Marine


LFT: What keeps you from getting bored with your workouts?

Jake: I change my workouts up every week


LFT: What is your favorite thing about Lacon Fitness and Tan?

Jake: The atmosphere and the people have always been friendly


LFT: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? 

Jake: I used to be very skinny


LFT: What is your favorite “cheat food”?

Jake: Anything deep-fried


LFT: How do you feel about your fitness journey ahead? Any goals that you would still like to achieve? 

Jake: I would like to increase my endurance


LFT: What advice do you have for other gym members?  

Jake: Never quit no matter how much it hurts