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Thrive Group Fitness Training

Group-driven Fitness

Dive into our Thrive Group Fitness Program, a unique fitness dimension that melds enjoyable, safe, and highly effective workouts with a vibrant social atmosphere. More than just a series of workout sessions, it’s a communal journey to confidence, lean muscle, and fat loss. This program turns the usual solitary struggle of fitness into a group-driven experience, where the power of community and shared goals turn every workout into a fun, motivating competition that pushes your boundaries.

Thrive Group Fitness Program
Group Fitness Members working out together

Membership Details

Thrive members receive 3 group fitness training sessions a week as well as 24/7 access to the gym, ensuring your fitness journey is not confined by schedules and providing the flexibility you need to incorporate fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • 12-Week Series – $155 /4 weeks
  • 24 Week Series – $145 /4 weeks 
  • One-year Series – $135 /4 weeks 
  • Couples receive 20% off the second membership
  • Discount Alert! Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Military, Veterans, and Teachers get their ($50) activation fee waived.

Victory Loves Company

Say goodbye to the traditional, tedious, and solitary workout routines and step into an environment where fitness is celebrated as a group endeavor. With our Thrive Group Fitness Program, you’ll achieve your fitness goals in a way that’s engaging, inspiring, and most importantly, fun. Join us and witness how a collective commitment and personalized accountability can make the journey to fitness a truly enjoyable experience.

Woman doing strength training in a group fitness class.

Don’t Take Our Word for It.

“During this journey, I have learned how to log food, prep food, and eat healthier. I have pushed myself to do more than I ever thought I could. I am so grateful to LFT and Amanda for their encouragement and for providing a great facility to workout.”

Rhonda R., Thrive Group Fitness Member

Group high-fiving and cheering each other after a workout.

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